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A server based on Raspberry Pi, preconfigured to a TV server by adding digital television adapters.


Connect the server to a TV antenna and a computer network and set frequencies of digital terrestrial television transmitter in your area. You will be able to watch any terrestrial TV channels broadcast in DVB-T standard:

  • on your computer, tablet, smartphone, as well as on a TV or a monitor with HDMI input using a smart TV box
  • on devices being away from the antenna cable thanks to a computer network
  • on 1, 2 or 3 devices at the same time
  • on 4 and more* devices at the same time – any television channels from 3 selected multiplexes/frequencies
    * the exact maximum number of devices has not yet been checked (it is not greater than 20 for HD transmission)


  • strong enough DVB-T signal from individual or integrated reception system TV antenna
  • receiving device: computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV box
  • every receiving device should have access to a computer network with download speed at least 6 Mb/s (for HD transmission)
  • server should have access to a computer network with upload speed at least 6Mb/s ∙ planned number of receiving devices (for HD transmissions)


For security reasons, server operating system is constantly updated by its authors. Therefore, device manufacturer is not responsible for the software or its updates and is not able to ensure the correctness of its operation. The device is sold only as hardware, and the end user is responsible for the software.
Efforts have been made to minimize the likelihood of malfunctions but there is possibly that the server will stop working – in such case it may be necessary to fix it using a remote desktop or by disassembling the device and connecting a keyboard and monitor to Raspberry Pi or installing new software by yourself.
If possible, the server manufacturer will try to provide instructions on this website to help solve problems. The way of installing software has been published on this web page so that the community can become familiar with it and suggest improvements or solve possible problems.


My server 3DVBT is available in two versions differing only in the casing:

Model my server 3DVBT
(smaller casing)
my server 3DVBT
(larger casing)
  • it takes up little space
  • expandable – to 4 and more multiplexes
  • slightly easier servicing in case of software problems
Dimensions 9.5 x 15.8 x 5.2 cm 22.5 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm

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